Theurapeutic education

Recommendations after a coronary angioplasty

  • Be sure to ask all your questions during the visit of the interventional cardiologist before your discharge;
  • Collect all the medications indicated on your prescription from your local pharmacist and take everything with strict compliance;
  • Make an appointment with your attending cardiologist within 4-6 weeks following your discharge;
  • Never stop any treatment without prior consultation with your attending physician / cardiologist;
  • In the event of bleeding or other side effects, immediately call your attending physician / cardiologist to assess your situation for subsequent management adapted to your problem;
  • Gradually resume light to moderate intensity physical activities over the next 3-4 weeks, but omit major intensity activities (mountain hiking or biking, jogging, etc.) until your visit to the attending cardiologist;
  • Apply secondary prevention measures:
    • Smoking cessation
    • Adopt a healthy and balanced diet – Mediterranean diet
    • Ensure control of LDL (bad) cholesterol
    • Blood sugar control
    • Blood pressure monitoring
    • Practice regular physical activities
    • Control your weight
    • Avoid stressful situations
    • Have a good night’s sleep / practice good hygiene
  • Adhere to a cardiac rehabilitation program according to the recommendations of the treating cardiologist during your stay at the clinic.
  • Return to work gradually with physically non-restrictive activities according to the recommendations of your attending cardiologist
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