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Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA)

Coronary CT angiography (or coronary CT) is an exam performed in the radiology department of the Clinique Belledonne by the interventional cardiologists of the ICC.

The coronary CT is a medical imaging modality that uses X-rays to visualize the coronary arteries in search of narrowing and/or calcifications. It is rather useful in patients with atypical chest pain, multiple cardiovascular risk factors, unexplained shortness of breath and in patients with inconclusive test results (stress test, cardiac scintigraphy, stress echocardiography).

How does a coronary CT take place?

A 3-hour fasting period is required prior to the exam. A recent blood test, as well as iodinated contrast media, will be requested at your arrival to the radiology department. You will be asked if you are allergic to iodine.

Don’t forget to mention if you are taking medication for asthma or if you are claustrophobic.

Following your installation on the examination table, you will be given a saline infusion through a vein of your arm and electrodes will be placed on your chest.

Is it dangerous?

The risks are generally related to X-rays and iodinated contrast media. Our team uses radiological protocols that minimize the doses of radiation. If you have renal failure or are allergic to iodinated contrast media, the coronary CT exam is contra-indicated.It is advised to rehydrate after the exam in order to eliminate the contrast media through the kidneys.

Example of coronary CT
Example of coronary CT angiography — Images representing a 3D reconstruction of the coronary artery tree (A and B) and the left coronary artery in longitudinal view injected with contrast media (C).

In summary

  • Mean duration of the exam: 15 minutes
  • You will be asked not to move during the entire exam and to stop breathing in 15-seconds sequences, as requested by the technician.
  • The exam is completely painless. The injection of iodinated agent can produce a migratory heat sensation.
  • Due to the complexity and the time required by the software to reconstruct the images, the results of this exam will be given to you on average 45 minutes after imaging acquisitions.

To make an appointment :

  • Contact the radiology department : 04 76 54 85 50
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